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Solipsistic Pop 4

Comic artist and illustrator Tom Humberstone launched the first Solipsistic Pop anthology in November 2009 to a fanfare of good reviews. He has since brought together a further two volumes and the four volume of work is due out this November. Exciting.

Solipsistic Pop is a ‘biannual anthology designed to spotlight the best in alternative Comic art from the UK’. I’ve followed the title since it’s launch and each anthology has contained a plethora of work from artists I have never heard of. This isn’t a criticism; the work included is by turns haunting, thoughtful, funny, surreal and always beautiful, and I’m glad I get the chance to enjoy the fruits of a community that I know little about.

I’ve bought a few anthologies recently, mostly short story collections of new and emerging authors, and I’ve found that while the writing is, on the whole, incredibly impressive, the production values of the magazine/anthology/book is often below par. This disappointment is often compounded by the fact that most of these  magazines/anthologies/books have incredible websites with graphics and design that should pop off a page, but instead are hindered by poor printing, cheap paper and limp covers.

It shouldn’t matter that much really, but it does.

Solipsistic Pop in no way suffers from this lack of care at the final hurdle. Physically holding each edition of the anthology in your hands you feel in your fingertips the quality of the production and that means you’re left to concentrate on drinking in the art and the words and the design without distraction. The level of care taken over the content completely matches that taken over the production. This is a collection that cries out to be read.

As I say, Solipsistic Pop number 4 is released in November of this year and features 30 artists and authors (pictured below), all of whom I’m sure will demand your attention.


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Electric Literature (Issue 5)

The quarterly anthology of short fiction from Electric Literature features five short stories in each issue. Issues retail at 10 bucks a pop for US based readers, or 19 bucks a pop if, like me, you live outside of the home of the Big Mac.

Issue number 5 has, quite frankly, a killer cover – art for this coming from NY based Alison Elizabeth Taylor.

Alison Elizabeth Taylor
The Gamer
Wood veneer, shellac

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