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Diary of the Tweople – June 3rd

Today is June 3rd 2011, which means it is Diary Day – as designated by the people behind Diary of the Tweople. 

Diary of the Tweople is a one off project that aims to capture a day in the life of the people of Twitter. Write about what happened to you on this day, submit, and the best entries will be compiled in to a published ebook, with the Twitter name of each author included beside their entry. As a crowd sourced and surprisingly fluid project, readers will be able to follow favoured authors instantly on Twitter, with the micro-blogging site allowing authors and readers to connect in a unique fashion.

The Diary of the Tweople website has a submissions box now open, and it will remain open until Monday evening (June 6th). You have the weekend to write about what you did on Diary Day, so no excuses.

sociallyacceptable (@sociallyaccept) got in touch with Diary of the Tweople (@diarytweople). Some questions and answers about the project are below: 


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