Show Some Restraint @ElectricLit

This was written for the Electric Literature Holiday Contest (a short short of 30 to 300 words, that uses each word only once). This being the holidays though I got  distracted and didn’t manage to submit on time. Still, 111 words, no repetition. Worth posting up I think:


He beats the shit out of James.

Pounds his knuckles flat against soft pink skin.

Cracks ribs.

Shatters cheek bones.

Me, huddled in a car park corner; streaked mascara, salt tears.

Tell myself: Close your eyes.

Two cracked ivory stumps glisten wetly by my foot.


Say: Scrunch them tight.

Imagine green grass and dappled sunlight.

Stay there.

Blood pools on oil-stained concrete.

Forget everything else.

Silence echoes off hard grey walls.



Crack each lid open. First one. Then another.

Look up.

See him turn.

Thin, spittle coated lips now split apart.

A drunken grin.

Huge arms, giant belly, muscle turned half to fat.



I am screaming.


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