Careless Wispa

After a week’s fasting I concentrated hard on the chocolate in front of me. My mind was clear, my concentration absolute. I held the bubble filled bar in my mind and willed it, implored it to move.

A minute passed.

Five minutes.

I sat motionless on the stool, staring. My stomach felt hollow and shrunken within me but  I ignored it, focusing all my energy instead on the Wispa that lay on the table.

Eight minutes passed.

Ten minutes.

Then, movement! Movement!

I think.

At the exact moment of movement my head had jilted forward and as my eyes recalibrated the movement was lost.

I refocused, harder than before and almost immediately I felt my vision sharpening. My sight narrowed like a telescope and as it did black swam down the edges of my vision until the purple wrapped Wispa hung in a circle of focus.

I ignored the ropes of hunger in my stomach.

I concentrated.

I concentrated.

When I woke my head hurt from where it had hit the floor and my girlfriend was staring down at me with a look of mild concern.

Ugg I murmured.

What happened? I asked.

Are you okay? she said, ignoring my question.

You must have passed out, she said.

I said Ugg again and was about to try and lift myself up, but the lino was cool on my forehead and I felt so very weak.

What were you doing? asked my girlfriend, and then I remembered.

The Wispa!

I pulled myself in to a sitting position and then, using the turned wooden table leg as a support, I hauled myself to my feet.

The table top was empty.

The Wispa, gone.


It had moved!

It had worked!

I turned to my girlfriend, my legs shook from lack of food but my eyes were wide and my grin wider still.

What? She asked, what?

And I was about to tell her, to explain everything.

But then I saw a flash of purple in her hand.

I stepped towards her, stumbled, grabbed at the hand. As I stumbled her hands shot up, held my shoulders, supported me.

The Wispa wrapper drifter slowly to the floor.

My eyes followed it.

My eyes filled with tears that ran down my cheek.

I looked away, then up at my girlfriend.

What? she asked.




Wispa loved my story.


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