Comics rule

It seems I am very comic book orientated at the moment (as you may have guessed from the book list). Partly it’s because of some great events that are going on at the moment (this just gone, this upcoming), and partly it’s a realisation that a couple of friends are secret, or not so secret, comic book readers are well.

After attending the Bryan Talbot talk, I’ve also got tickets to see Dave Gibbons and Jean-Claude Mezieres talk/sign at the BD & Comics Passion festival – held in the  Institut Français this Saturday, and may possibly be going to see China Mieville discuss his ‘Graphic Greats’ the day before, as part of the same festival.

I also heard recently about a new comic called Yellowman. Yellowman was launched last month and is a niche project by freelancer Justin Quirk and illustrator Warren Holder. It’s only stocked in three places in London and, though available on-line (at almost double the price) the website is frustratingly awkward to get information from. But the limited release and hard to get hold of information aspect of the book has me intrigued, and come lunchtime I’m off to Whitechapel Gallery (one of the three stockists) to get hold of a copy.

The plot revolves around a black albino, a hunt, Victorian London, scientific discoveries and magical rituals. And the art looks amazing (look up).


N.B. And now I’ve got one. First thoughts; it’s beautifully printed. Second thoughts to follow . . .


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