Two months to the day have passed since I wrote this post about books that have sat on my shelf for far too long. And how many of those books have I read since then? None. Zero. Not one.

But I have read a load of other books since then (from Donna Tartt to date I count nine books) and, despite already having too many books to handle, have I’ve also managed to buy these…

It seems I need to buy a book and then read it straight away or it doesn’t get read. Looking at these, top to bottom then left to right, I’ve read Jaws, LondonstaniAbout the Author and both Grandville books. I’m in the middle of Mr Rinyo-Clacton’s Offer and started but not finished Atmospheric DisturbancesMy thoughts on the one’s I’ve read (if I’ve written my thoughts up yet) are here.

The books I’ve still to read are:

TOMAS – saw a very positive mention of this on some Shoreditch hipster website. Bought it, loved the size, loved the cover, but tried a few pages and haven’t gone back to it yet. Not blown away. Say no to impulse buys.

We Need to Talk About Kevin – bought this as I’ve always wanted to read it and now it’s been made in to a film. Want to read before I see, so…

The Maze Runner – Never heard of the guy (James Dashner), but his name matches the title, and I’m a sucker for a proof copy. Back blurb sounds good too.

The Bell Jar – Have a copy of this somewhere already, but no idea where. Never read any it before, never read any Plath before, and to more than a few people that’s enough to shun me. Time to change that. Umm, hopefully. The Bell Jar’s one of those books  I feel a pressure to read/to have read. And feeling like I should read a book tends to put me right off it (see The Kite Runner, see The White Tiger, see 70% of the books from my uni reading list).  Will see what happens.

Mr Fox – read a GREAT review of this somewhere, no idea where. Saw it going for a fiver in House of Books and thought ‘Yes!’ Am already carrying it around in my bag for when I finish Mr Rinyo-blar-de-blar. No Kindle for me.


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