Things found in books – #1 Jaws

I got my copy of Jaws from the Oxfam Books on Portobello Road (2 for 1 on paperback fiction). A battered Pan edition with yellowing pages and iconic Jaws cover; shark swimming up from beneath the waves, mouth a-gaping, row upon row of teeth showing, and on the surface the unsuspecting swimmer.

Jaws was released in 1974 and became a world-wide hit thanks, in part, to the phenomenal success of Spielberg’s same titled film – itself going on to become the archetype of the ‘summer blockbuster’. The paperback copy of Jaws that I bought was printed in  1975 and was already the 19th printing on the book.

Inside the book there was a bookmark, a warranty postcard from British Domestic Appliances. The card was dated 27-10-75 and had been filled in by hand by ’Bishop’ of ’42 Chestnut Avenue, Hampton, Middlesex’.

Which means it’s stayed in that book for the last  36 years.


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