Journey to the End of the Night : Louis-Ferdinand Celine

I was reading back through the Beautiful Books blog recently when I stumbled across a post written about Celine (author of Voyage au bout de la nuit / Journey to the End of the Night).

Now, Louis-Ferdinand Celine is a writer that, shamefully it seems, I’ve never heard of before. A little reading around him reveals that he was French, a veteran of the First World War, hugely  influential in his writing style and technique, and also extremely anti-Semitic (with this last point being taken as the basis for the Beautiful Books post).

In the short search for reviews and information on  Journey to the End of the Night everything  I found (thisthis, umm, this) was extremely complementary and, reading the first few pages of the book via Amazon ‘Look Inside’,  I think I can see why.

This is a book that’s going on my to-read-asap list, and I’m grateful to Beautiful Books for pointing me towards a new (old) author.


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