Lightning strikes twice

A Portugese man called Humberto is looking for funding to help with the translation in to English of his self published novel, Moneta.

The plot of Moneta:

Imagine what the world would like be if the economy was based on Time instead of current “abstract” currencies. You’d earn in days, hours, minutes and seconds and spend in the same currency. If you were a millionaire, you’d live millions of years. If were poor, a few years and then you’d die. So in the end you’d have to squeeze every minute to make the most of your life. How that affects society and relationships is the core of the book, called Moneta. Moneta was a roman/ greek deity and it is also the root-word for Money.

Sounds strikingly similar to the latest Andrew Niccol film, In Time:

But then, maybe saying they’re similar is like saying Heat and Dog Day Afternoon, both being about bank robberies, are similar. I don’t know. Having not seen/read either (one not being released yet, the other being in Portuguese) I can’t, or rather shouldn’t, judge. Which kind of  renders this whole post pointless.


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