From Cover to Cover

Before – sociallyacceptable – there was fromcovertocover, a books blog almost identical to what you’re reading now, with the exception that there was more news and less creative writing. It floundered after six months or so but it still survives, trapped in the eternity of the internet.

You can visit it (here), but it’s not been updated since January 15th 2010, so I wouldn’t bother.

Reading back, as I have just done, there are posts up there that I still like and these posts, instead of floating lost and alone through the emptiness of cyberspace, are now going be re-appropriated in to – sociallyacceptable -. It won’t be a straight out cut and past job, or an immediate one. The original posts I think will likely be  updated or amalgamated in to other longer posts, or re-written completely.

This post here is to explain that if you’re reading something on – sociallyacceptable –in the next few months and you’re thinking ‘hmm this seems a little familiar’, it may be that the post is an update, rather than an original.

I don’t think anyone actually read the original posts, but fair warning.


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