Books that have sat on my shelf for far too long . . .

Cocaine Nights : J.G. Ballard –

One I have read before, but a long long time ago. Was talking with a friend about Ballard and it inspired me to dig him out again.

May We Borrow Your Husband : Graham Greene –

This is my girlfriend’s copy that she used at school and the margins are covered with scrawled notes. Took it off her shelf back home about two years ago, still unread.

Blank Gaze : José Luis Peixoto –

Taken from (given by) Bloomsbury while I was doing some work experience there, a few years ago now. Love the cover. Remember loving the first few pages but then never finished it. Not sure why. Definitely one to go back to.

The Book of Dave : Will Self – 

Bought second hand from Departure when I used to live down East London. Saw Self at a talk in Foyles last year, great talker, great voice, but I need a dictionary for every eighth word he uses.

Bring on the Empty Horses : David Niven –

Borrowed from a work colleague after I finished reading The Moon’s a Balloon. Read that in a few days, not got round to picking this one up yet.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being : Milan Kundera – 

Bought in an effort to improve myself. Untouched.

Glamorama : Brett Easton Ellis – 

Big big fan of Ellis so I’m not sure why this is still unread. I did go through a faze of reading my way through his books, one after the other. This was the last one I got to and I’d lost the will to carry on by that point.

Infinite Jest : David Foster Wallace – 

I’ve never understood the hoohaa that surrounds Wallace, but then I’ve never read anything he’s written, or rather never finished anything. Infinite Jest I’ve started and failed three times already. A friend has just bought a copy so I may try again. We can form a two man Wallace support group.

The Day of Creation : J.G. Ballard –

See Cocaine Nights.  I got this copy from the excellent Camden Lock Books.

Vernon God Little : DBC Pierre –

Bought after a friend raved about it and told me a load of great stories about DBC (including that DBC stood for Dirty But Clean). Started one weekend away but never really go in to it. To be continued…

The Great Escape : Paul Brickhill –

Bought it for a quid, not sure why. Would like to read at some point though.


N.B. Have just noticed that these are all male writers – pretty poor going. Any female writers you can recommend to break the monotony?


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