Beach and the Sea

I don’t like your brother.

My brother? said the boy scrunching up his face.

Yeah that’s right, your brother. I don’t like him.

What do you mean?

I saw him this morning.

Oh yeah?

Walking down to the sea. I thought he was you to begin with.

He grinned, We’re pretty similar.

He ignored me.

Maybe he didn’t see you?

He did.

You’re sure?

I said hello.

You’re sure it wasn’t me?

I thought it was at first. You wouldn’t ignore me.

I might said the boy, the grin showing in his voice.

You wouldn’t.

The boy pulled a cigarette from the pack that lay in front of them. He flicked the lighter, inhaled, then watched the smoke drift away over the pier. She watched the cigarette and they didn’t speak for a while.


You look really similar to him you know.



Na. Close.

I’ve always wanted a twin.

Everyone says that.

Can I have a cigarette?

His tilted his head back and looked at her, the corners of his mouth turned up.

You don’t smoke.

No, her cheeks coloured under her tan and she turned to look at the sea.

He bent the girls head back and up and kissed her, his lips pressing against the side of her mouth. She turned her body in to him.

Come on he said.


Come on.


She followed him, back past the arcade and down on the beach. As they got further from the pier the yellow faded and the sand grew white in the moonlight. They stopped between the dunes, hidden between the thickets of scratchy Marram grass.

They kissed again, touching hands as they did. He took another cigarette out and lit it.

Can I have one?

His looked at her in amusement, but nodded this time. She smoked it down to the filter, dragging at it when there was nothing left to smoke. She watched the boy stub his cigarette out and push it into the sand out of the corner of her eye. She pushed the filter deep into the dune as well.

They lay for a while, their backs growing cold on the sand. The boy’s hand stroked the girl’s, his fingers drawing patterns on her skin. He didn’t move. She moved, rolled half on top of him. They kissed and his hand rubbed her side, ruffled her top. She waited. They kissed some more.

She took another cigarette and lay back on the sand. Lit it. Come here. He rolled towards her and she pressed her free hand against the front of his shorts. His body flinched away at her touch, not much, slightly.

She said, what’s wrong?


She pressed and felt him hard already under the material.

Her hand moved up, her fingers slipped underneath the band of his shorts.

He sat up. Someone could see.

It’s dark.

Not that dark.


So. Someone could see.

They won’t. Lie down.

He did, slowly. Somewhere a dog barked, down on the beach.

See, there’s people out.

They can’t see us though.

He looked at her shoulder, then the line of her neck.

Do I have to convince you?

They started kissing again.

Later they walked back along the beach. His penis felt small in his shorts and as he walked he thought over and over again about what had happened.

She walked out in front; she had taken his last cigarette without asking and as they walked she dragged on it, the grey smoke drifting back over her shoulder.

He could smell the salt in the air.

When they got to the pier she threw the cigarette away and turned back to him.

See you tomorrow?


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