Too soon to review, too late to stop

It’s too soon for a review of the site (being only the third month of posts), but I wanted to look back and see what I liked and what I didn’t. The first thing that stands out is the post on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Only just posted it, don’t like it. It’s an excuse to put up a nice picture but it doesn’t give any now information to anyone reading it. By contrast, posts such as the review of Tomorrow Pamplona and the post on Unbound give an opinion, tell the reader something more about the object of the post, and they took longer to write. News is fine to include, rehashing stuff isn’t.

Short story posts and posts filled with thoughts and descriptions of people and places are for me, to practice and improve my writing. They might not be all that interesting to people outside of me, but that’s what I started the blog for. More of these needed, they’re not as frequent as they should be.

Trying to aim for one complete story/scene a month (at least, but start small you know?). Plus any other descriptions, dialogue etc that I jot down. I’ve been having a few doubts about posting everything I’m writing up on sociallyacceptable, maybe I should be holding the best (‘best’ being relative) stuff back? A fair few writing competitions and fiction magazines don’t accept previously published work but, on reflection, I’m writing to improve at the moment, not writing to publish. That should come later on.

Not quite Why I Write, but Orwell was 43 when he wrote that, maybe I’ll have something better to say in twenty odd years time.


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