A perfect narrative arc

Radiohead : Just

From annoyance to questioning to concern to pleading to a stupendous, ambiguous ending, all in less than four and a half minutes. Possibly one of the best short stories created. I can’t think of any other  music videos that do this, and do this this well. Suggestions? (#shortstorymusic)



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2 responses to “A perfect narrative arc

  1. As I said on Twitter, I think White Town’s ‘Your Woman’ tells a story well through the video. Not as beautifully chilling as the Radiohead one admittedly, which is one of my favourite music vids of all time, but in terms of showing a self-contained story in quite an elegant way, I think White Town’s video is ahead of many others.

  2. Pip

    It’s not as good but Coffee and TV by Blur plays out a fine, if fantastical, short story. Take six minutes to do so though.

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