Book Art

Carved book art is a fairly niche area of the art world, but there some fantastic artists who specialise exactly in this area. The visual impact of the carved books can be explained by the depth of detail and layering that comes from having maybe 700 pages (layers) to work with, but even then you’ll find yourself staring at the books for longer that you expect.

It’s been blogged about before by others, but not by me, so, a great excuse to showcase some very impressive work . . .

Alexander Korzer-Robinson (

A German born artist now living and working in the UK. View and buy his work directly from his site.

Behind the World

Vanity Fair

Kylie Stillman (

Doesn’t work just with books, but I think these are the most impressive pieces (though look out for the 2003 venitian blind)

Common Oak


Julia Feld (

US based artist who sells her artwork through Etsy. Click here to see what’s available.

Webster’s Dictionary for Boys and Girls

Webster’s Dictionary

Brian Dettmer (

Probably the most well known of the artists here, or at the least the most recognisable. Read his statement to see how the books are created.

Effect of Sensory

Grolier Side

And finally, because carving books isn’t the only way books can be turned in to art, click here to see a top five pick of book sculptures (complied by


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