Pick a winner from eBay

I’ve read that Marvel Entertainment sold the film rights to Spiderman for $225,000 and, looking at the box office figures, the film then went and made $114m in its opening weekend.

Now, Spiderman was well known and the following aren’t, but pick the right one and who knows, you might make a killing.

All these you can buy on ebay, personally I’m torn between Pez Outlaw and Looking for Rochester.

Silent Rebellion by Christopher Metzger

Film rights to novel for sale – $95,000

PLOT: On a gray, blustery March afternoon, eighteen-year-old Nathan Miller goes to the mailbox on his family’s Pennsylvania farm and finds an Army draft induction order. While the rest of the country has been using all of its resources to defeat the Axis powers during the Second World War, Nathan has been aimlessly squandering his days in juvenile mischief.

Strictly forbidden from any participation in the war by the Old Order Amish community to which he belongs, Nathan is suddenly caught up in a tug-o-war between his own peaceful people and the mightiest armed forces on the planet.

Soon, Nathan is arrested for draft evasion and his eventual trial makes it clear that his problems are not going to just disappear. When he is found guilty, Nathan is sentenced to two years in a Federal prison; a sentence the judge is willing to suspend on the condition that Nathan reject his churches teachings and report for military service within forty-eight hours.

With his time running out, Nathan must quickly choose between his renewed commitment to the Amish way of life, or capitulation to the warring government that would determine the course of his life, and quite possibly his death!



LILLY by S. T. Schroeder

Rights purchase of book available – $35,000

PLOT: Veteran actress Lilly Hopkins would die for a starring role in a movie, but would she actually kill for one? That’s how things appear when reporter Mary McClure and rookie police officer Tim Blyman begin putting the pieces together in a recent case involving the murder of a young Hollywood actress. Their snooping takes an unexpected turn, however, when they loosely link four murders, each of a young Hollywood actress, each approximately a decade apart. The connection? The first three murders directly resulted in Hopkins stepping into the victim’s movie role. Coincidence? They weren’t sure. Though the phrase serial killer reluctantly entered the conversation between them, they knew it was a quite a stretch simply because the murders being discussed had occurred over the span of more than 40 years. When the two began digging deeper and asking questions of some unwilling participants, suddenly a pompous director, his faint-hearted assistant and a high-powered entertainment lawyer find themselves in the middle of the case. Blackmail finds its way into the mix as a last-ditch effort when the murderer realizes the walls are quickly closing in. In the end, it’s a surprise confession that brings one-time lovers together again, even if it’s for just a fleeting moment.



Pez Outlaw by S. J. Glew

Book or movie rights for sale – HKD 2,279,475.37 ($292,625.061)

PLOT: What it was like to be the biggest Pez Dealer in the world for approx 5 years. More importantly what I saw in my 10 years as a Pez Dealer & a Pez Outlaw.

This book will talk about taboo subjects no other pez book will. Tell you things others won’t. Besides being a ripping good story about the rise & fall of a really big idea. A Pez story of dishonesty, betrayal, envy & greed. You will not find the information I disclose about Pez Dispensers in any other book about Pez.


Looking for Rochester by beckert18

Film rights to original screenplay for sale: $45,000

PLOT: An African-American inner-city (Chicago) teenage male, ADRIAN COTTON, sets out for Hollywood in search of Rochester Anderson, old-time comedian Jack Benny’s long-time sidekick. Adrian becomes infatuated with Rochester after watching a few video tapes he had discovered in a dumpster near his home. Though it is 2010, Adrian has convinced himself that Rochester, as well as Jack Benny and friends, is still alive and well in Hollywood, so he begins his trek west. He is accompanied by an uneducated, somewhat slow, but street-smart 40-year-old Hispanic man, GUSTAVO “GUS” NUNEZ, the apartment complex handyman and a former pugilist. Nunez, who buys into the teenager’s quest because he himself wants to meet Carmen Miranda (who is also deceased), offers to drive him across the country in his older, but refinished Mercedes Benz convertible. Nunez has never been out of Chicago, so this is a trip of a lifetime for him too. They encounter all kinds of incidents on the road, some humorous, some serious, but each bringing them closer together as they gain an appreciation for one another, their faults, their strengths and their different cultures. The trip also finds them realizing Adrian’s dream.



Memories of a Canadian Night by beckert18

Film rights to original screenplay for sale: $45,000

PLOT: The story of three men, a father and his two sons. The father, THOMAS TILMON, is now 62 years old and is a few months away from retiring the job he’s held for the past 37 years. His younger brother had died some seven years earlier and he was just really getting over it. However, when one of his best friends, EDDIE OLIVER, dies of a heart attack in the spring, depression sets in again, though not quite as harsh this time. Tilmon, Oliver and a couple other  longtime friends had already made the arrangements for their yearly fishing excursion up to Ignace, Canada. Suddenly the trip was off and for the first  time in more than 30 years, the group’s plans to travel Canada were off. Tilmon’s wife, MARY TILMON, doesn’t want her husband to have the opportunity to let any depression set in this time, so she devises a way to get him on that trip.

Thomas had  talked many times how he would really enjoy it if his two sons, STEWART and SHAWN TILMON, would go with him on one these fishing trips as his buddies’ children had done on occasion. This, she thought, was the perfect opportunity. When Oliver died, the other two friends immediately pulled out of the trip, but the arrangements were still on…and paid for.  After having dinner with just the two boys and their father, Martha convinces them that it be a wonderful thing if they went on this trip together. It would give them the opportunity to renew a father-sons relationship which has been pretty much dormant for the past 20 years.

Agreeing to different degrees, the three men set off for Canada in an rented recreational vehicle and will go as far as Ignace before being flown to a cabin in an isolated area for a week. From then on its just the three men and nature. They relive their past, sharing things they may never had ever had the opportunity to otherwise do. It’s a confession time for all three and in the end it brings them all closer together.



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