From Afrikaans to Zulu

Foyles announced the acquisition of foreign language publishers Grant & Cutler today. G&C publish books in at least 117 different languages, including the following, which I’ve never heard of: Kirghiz/Kyrgyz, Tagalog, Lingala, Shona and Blackfoot.

Press release sent to Foyles mailing list is below:

Foyles are extremely proud to have acquired the business of Grant & Cutler and welcome them to our Charing Cross Road flagship store. Established in 1936, Grant & Cutler are the UK’s largest foreign language bookseller. With their lease on Great Marlborough Street about to expire, we are very pleased to have been able to step in and provide a new home.

Together with our pre-existing and highly respected languages department, Grant & Cutler at Foyles will offer a true centre of excellence for languages within the UK, with over 25,000 titles and 150 languages available. The new department is located on the 1st floor. Click here to see a full map of Charing Cross Road.

We have a particular specialism in the major European languages and Arabic, but pride ourselves on covering all living languages, from Afrikaans to Zulu (as well as quite a few dead ones as well). We’ll also continue to offer the best range in the UK of EFL / English Language learning resources.

Until everything’s settled in properly you can continue to browse and buy Grant & Cutler’s stock from their website, but instore the departments will be fully amalgamated by Friday 25 March.


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